Published on 18.11.2019

The best restaurants for a romantic dinner in Düsseldorf

Regardless of whether you go shopping with your lover on the Kö or make a trip to the countryside: Each escort date includes a stylish dinner. How good that you are traveling in Düsseldorf! The state capital of NRW is the center of good taste. In no other city are there so many kitchens that can adorn themselves with a Michelin Star. Whether Guide Michelin or Gault Millau: The restaurant critics can not escape their praise. That makes your selection difficult. Which restaurant is perfect for a romantic evening with your escort lady from Secret Affairs? We have collected for you the best and most beautiful restaurants in the state capital.

Gourmet cuisine on a star level: Düsseldorf experience culinary

Düsseldorf is the city of luxury, pleasure and well-being. It was hard to pick only two of the best houses in the state capital. The selection is huge. You do not have the time or the leisure to make a reservation for your dinner date? Just let us know when booking about your favorite food and we will organize an extraordinary evening for you!

Restaurant Enzo in the Schiffchen: Michelin Star kitchen since 1977

When we talk about the fine dining in Düsseldorf, we must of course mention the Schiffchen. The restaurant of the French master chef Jean-Claude Bourgueils has existed since 1977 and holds the coveted Michelin Star for almost as long. From the kitchen comes classic French cuisine with Italian and German influences. A classic in the Schiffchen is the steamed lobster in chamomile flowers. The tender flesh blends perfectly with the earthy aroma of the flowers. By the way: The lobster is supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect. He has something in common with our beautiful courtesans …

It can be difficult to get a seat in the starred restaurant. We reserve a table for two in the historic Heinrich Heine Hall or in the romantic water lily room. The ambiance is classic and stylish. Impeccably white tablecloths, heavy velvet curtains and wood-paneled walls dominate the picture. A must for gourmets like you!

Traditional restaurant of celebrity chef Jean-Claude Bourgueils | French cuisine with regional influences | Price range of main courses: 40 to 80 euros, heritage menu: 159 euros

Nagaya: Your sensual pleasure trip to Japan

Düsseldorf is known for its Japan district. On the smallest space there are countless authentic shops, bars and restaurants for lovers of East Asian culture. Right in the middle is the star restaurant Nagaya of Yoshizumi Nagaya. Gourmets get their money’s worth here. The fantastic sushi has nothing to do with the boring salmon treats in other restaurants. Here you and your escort lady enjoy Japanese cuisine of the highest standard. Each ingredient fulfills a unique purpose. Luxurious wagyu beef plays the lead role in numerous dishes. Clear aromas, puristic design and exceptional taste: a must for all lovers of fish and meat!

For two you can order à la carte and put together your own menu. However, we recommend the Omakase Tasting menu. In nine courses you will experience the Japanese cuisine in perfection. There is a small downer, however: The selection for vegetarians is very limited. Some escorts, however, refrain from meat and prefer to devote themselves to other carnal pleasures. On the phone you will learn from us which companion you are welcome to take out in Nagaya.

Exclusive sushi restaurant on star level | one Michelin Star and two toques by Gault Millau | Price range of main courses: 50 to 140 euros, tasting menu: 189 euros

The stage for your escort date: Intimate restaurants in and around Düsseldorf

Fine dining means service at the highest level. Attentive waiters, a filled glass and perfect timing – good service wich is almost invisible. However, one more ingredient is missing for a lovely evening: romance. We have chosen two completely different restaurants, which offer you the necessary privacy for hot flirting.

FRITZ’S FRAU FRANZI: Young kitchen can be so beautiful!

FRITZ’s FRAU FRANZI is the latest addition to the list of excellent restaurants in Düsseldorf. The kitchen of Benjamin Kriegel wears only since 2018 a bright star. A real insider tip, so to speak – as far as one can speak about a star restaurant of “insider tip”. FRITZ’s FRAU FRANZI is all about people and their stories. The approach: radical regional. The young chef knows his suppliers personally and only brings to the table what flourishes in and around Düsseldorf. All around the clock: From continental breakfast with croissants and Westphalian sugar beet syrup to late-night dinners, you can dine here at any time of the day.

The guest room is pleasantly small and intimate without being too tight. We recommend a table by the lush flower wall at the back of the restaurant. The perfect background for beautiful couple selfies as a keepsake. In addition, the area is visually slightly separated – ideal for hot pats under the tablecloth. By the way: right next door is the Nachtresidenz – the perfect start into the wild nightlife of Düsseldorf!

Hip restaurant with art installations and experimental touch | Young star cuisine with regional products | Price range of main courses: 25 to 50 euros, 6-course menu: 110 euros

Ashleys Garden: Dinner in a sea of flowers

You do not fancy a stiff star restaurant? Ashleys Garden in the magical “White Settlement” on the outskirts of Düsseldorf is the perfect alternative.
This family-run boutique hotel offers culinary highlights in the middle of nature with this restaurant. Through colorful windows the sun shines into the guest room. Rose bushes and evergreen trees tower in front of the windows, while a fire pours in the fireplace. Regional and seasonal specialties are served. The wine selection is impressive for such a small house! After dinner by candlelight you only have to climb the 24 steps to your hotel room before you fall into bed with your escort lady. Or you can find one of the other hotels in Düsseldorf, which are perfect for a long night.

Romantic restaurant in an intimate boutique hotel | modern country kitchen with Asian influences | Price range of main courses: 20 to 40 euros

Our menu suggestion for an unforgettable date with Secret Affairs

Ah, how nice the glasses sound! With a glass of wine in your hand, you bump into the beautiful evening together. The perfect restaurant not only treats you culinary, but also provides the stage for a hot flirtation. The Dinner Date is the slow crescendo that finds its climax in the hotel room. Our escorts in Düsseldorf sweeten the evening for you. You can (almost) do without the dessert …