Published on 20.12.2019

Locations for your escort date: restaurants in Frankfurt am Main

A metropolis like Frankfurt am Main naturally has a thriving gastronomic landscape. Sure, the bankers, managers and decision-makers are asking for places for a business lunch or after-work dinner. That’s why most restaurants in Frankfurt are chic, cool and modern. But in the evening, when your colleagues retire to the hotel, you have another goal: one of the romantic gourmet restaurants where your lover will be waiting for you tonight.

When you book your escort with Secret Affairs, we take care of all the fine, time-consuming details: table reservation, special requests, favorite wine. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. Which restaurant in Frankfurt is suitable for a candlelite dinner? We have collected four great locations for you.

Star cuisine in the banking metropolis: the best locations for gourmets in Frankfurt

With so much choice, the overview can quickly be lost. There are more than 250 restaurants in Frankfurt vying for your favor. Lighthouse in the sea of taste are gourmet guides like the Gault Millau or Guide Michelin. The restaurant testers evaluate the ambience, quality and service of the best restaurants in Germany. To find the perfect place for your needs, however, you need a little more sensitivity. We are at your side and can recommend romantic locations at star level. Our escorts in Frankfurt will be happy to accompany you to your (new) favorite restaurant.

2-star cuisine in the Lafleur restaurant: culinary art at the highest level

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Frankfurt, you cannot miss the Lafleur. The representative villa in the palm garden is known for exceptional cuisine that combines traditional and modern methods. Chef Andreas Krolik is a perfectionist who plays with flavors, tastes and scents. For this he only uses organic products from the region around Frankfurt. Another stroke of genius is the first and so far only vegan gourmet menu in Germany. Some of our adorable ladies are particularly happy about this detail.

The Bauhaus-style villa offers you a spectacular view of the Siemayer flower parterre. Provided, of course, that you can detach your eyes from your companion’s sensual lips. The attentive, discreet service is always in the background. Do you want to reserve one of the coveted seats on the window front? We take care that you get your favorite place.

2-star restaurant in a Bauhaus villa in the picturesque palm garden only star restaurant with a vegan menu 6-course menu from 198 euros, vegan menu from 172 euros

The finest dishes from around the world: The Gustav in Frankfurt’s Westend

The Gustav is the latest invention by Milicia Trajkovska and Matthias Scheiber. The two have two Michelin-starred restaurants in the banking metropolis. The restaurant in the Westend follows the concept of “Bistronomics”. This means that you can expect down-to-earth, uncomplicated gastronomy at star level. Perfect as a little refreshment during an erotic weekend in Frankfurt am Main! Chef Jochim Busch (“Discovery of the Year” in Gault Millau 2016) cooks light meals with ingredients from the Frankfurt area. Understatement instead of ostentation: the subtle luxury in the Gustav is evident in the presentation, the design and above all in the taste.

The selection of wines is particularly impressive. Whether German Riesling or Italian Barolo: More than 280 wines from all over the world are available for you. If you have a favorite wine that you cannot currently find on the menu, we would be happy to organize a guest performance from the sommelier.

Modern, exclusive design in dark tones 1 star in the Michelin Guide, fresh ingredients from the region 6-course menu from 135 euros

A feast for the eyes meets a palate orgasm: extraordinary restaurants for your escort date

Frankfurt is the perfect city for culinary highlights. In addition to the classic star restaurants, you will discover numerous restaurants on the Main that deviate from the mainstream. Either the restaurant is in a unique location, chooses an individual culinary path or scores with a strict concept. Hardly any other metropolis has as many international restaurants at a high level as Frankfurt. And there is also an almost infinite choice for vegetarians and vegans. We have selected exceptional restaurants in Frankfurt for you, with which you can really score points with your escort lady.

A dinner in the glory of the old days: the Tiger gourmet restaurant in the Variéte theater

The Tiger gourmet restaurant is a haven for the taste of the big, wide world. (Almost) all celebrity chefs of great name had a guest appearance in this wonderfully intimate place. Currently it is Chef Coskun Yurdakuls. He brings his oriental roots into the menu sequence and thus creates a firework of taste, aroma and lust. The perfect start to a hot evening with an escort beauty from Secret Affairs!

The Tiger gourmet restaurant is located in the world-famous Variéte Theater Tigerpalast. The ambience is stylish, classic and fits perfectly with the charm of the glittering show world. As your concierge for the evening, we coordinate dinner, evening entertainment and hotel. We reserve a table for you right after the show so that you can exchange ideas with your companion about the shared experience. While you are talking, the attentive service picks up the menu sequence. Wagyū beef, Carabinero and hand-rolled couscous will seduce you before the highlight of the evening arrives. It takes place in one of the nearby luxury hotels in Frankfurt. The Tiger Palace is only a few meters away from the Zeil.

Historic restaurant in the Tigerpalast Frankfurt | refined gourmet cuisine with oriental influences 6-course menu from 135 euros, main courses from 35 euros

Avant-garde from Italy: The Biancalani Cucina brings Tuscany to Frankfurt

Relax in the shade of the olive trees: When the sun shines, the scent of Mediterranean herbs blows from the garden to the banks of the Main. Your beautiful companion’s high heels clatter across the warm terracotta floor. Andreas Busse and Stefano Motta bring the taste of Tuscany to your plate. Finally there is an authentic gourmet restaurant in Frankfurt for friends of Italian cuisine! The Biancalani was an institution in Frankfurt am Main for many decades until it had to close some time ago. The two young chefs have now taken up the concept again and are living up to the traditional name of their restaurant.

You decide whether you want to enjoy your Contorni on the sun terrace or whether you take a seat indoors. Here you have a perfect view of the handicrafts of the chefs through the open kitchen. Juicy grilled steaks are a house specialty. Italian classics such as the Risotto Milanese are also celebrated here at the highest level. You will also enjoy a wine that the sommelier will select individually for you and your loved one. O Bella Italia!

Italian restaurant on the banks of the Main with a Mediterranean style terrace traditional cuisine from northern Italy, fantastic wine selection Menu from 70 euros, main dishes from 25 euros

Frankfurt am Main: Fantastic culinary art at a brilliant level

The Michelin Guide recommends over 80 restaurants in Frankfurt and has awarded ten of them at least one star. Such a lively gourmet scene is impressive. We have only summarized a small selection here, which is by no means final. Whether SEVEN SWANS, Weinsinn or Erno’s – there is the right place for every taste in Frankfurt. Or do you love it exotic? In Shisan, watch small wooden boats on a river that carry perfect sushi to your table. And gourmets won’t be able to avoid the famous Frankfurt Green Sauce anyway.

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. If you currently have no important dates in Frankfurt, you can explore the culinary world in other cities. With a hot escort lady this journey of discovery will be even more beautiful. Book our escort service in major cities like Essen, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Münster!