Published on 15.01.2020

Exclusive locations for your date: The best restaurants in Essen

May we invite you on a culinary journey? The name alone makes Essen an excellent location for gourmets. Incidentally, the Ruhr town derives its name from its ancient name “Asnidhi”, not from the fantastic food in the region. Today European, Mediterranean and exotic taste combinations meet here. The restaurants in Essen are a real melting pot of flavors!

Discover the beautiful side of Essen with your Secret Affairs muse! We serve you the best addresses in town. Fresh fish, crunchy vegetables from the market and exciting spices – here you will land in the foodie heaven! And the best thing about the evening is of course the sweet dessert that is waiting for you in the hotel suite …

Dinner under the stars: gourmet cuisine in Essen

Upscale gastronomy is characterized by impeccable service, high-quality products and individual charm. That is exactly our philosophy with Secret Affairs in Essen. If both come together, there is nothing standing in the way of a lavish evening! The dinner date is the classic among the possible rendezvous: You get to know your companion (and love) with a glass of wine in a relaxed manner. An exclusive restaurant offers the ideal stage for the first flirt. We have searched and found the best restaurants in Essen for you.

Restaurant Schote in Essen: love of the homeland by Nelson Müller

A chef does not need a star to conjure up excellent dishes on the plate. But it certainly doesn’t hurt if the world-famous Michelin Guide has been honoring their own restaurant for more than 10 years. Nelson Müller is a veteran of the German cooking scene. In his restaurant Schote in Essen, he cooks according to the motto: “Back to the roots!” Regional cuisine, fresh ingredients and homely flavors – all in a stylish, exclusive atmosphere. The fact that Nelson Müller is serious about luxury is demonstrated by his first-class service: a limousine comfortably takes you to the gold-framed front door of the restaurant. The excellent wine accompaniment plays on the keyboard of the senses. A perfect start to your high-class escort adventure!

Star restaurant by TV chef Nelson Müller | regional cuisine in a modern atmosphere 6-course menu with wine accompaniment from 196 euros

Tatort Essen: the pilgrimage site for young gourmetsr

Young, wild, stylish kitchen – the Tatort in the south of Essen is a real magnet for fans of fine dining. Instead of rigid star cuisine, new combinations await connoisseurs every day. Chef Jean-Edouard Mathis learned his art in the 3-star restaurant “Im Schiffchen”. The Tatort Essen is his culinary playground and a hot contender for a Michelin star.

The stylish ambience is perfect as a background for a social media post. Your escort lady will be happy to be your model. Or do you value discretion and anonymity? No problem: We can organize a home cooking session with Jean-Edouard Mathis for you. The chef will conjure up a star-level dinner just for you and your companion – in your kitchen or at your hotel. We are happy to make contact.

Young star level cuisine in the south of Essen | daily changing menu with many vegetarian options Main courses from 30 euros, 4-course menu from 100 euros

Culinary highlights in a romantic atmosphere

What makes a restaurant the perfect location for a romantic date? Many factors play a role: How close are the tables to each other? Can you talk undisturbed? How professional does the service work? A romantic restaurant doesn’t have to be cheesy. We have selected two locations for you that will make your heart beat faster. By the way: Essen is not only one city in the Ruhr area. If you expand your radius a bit, you can reach other major cities such as Duisburg or Oberhausen in a few minutes. We will of course take care of the limousine that will take you to your favorite restaurant.

Jagdhaus Schellenberg: Dinner with a good view

The Jagdhaus Schellenberg is located at the gates of the city and overlooks the picturesque Lake Baldeney. The Essen high society meets here for a glass of wine or a fine candlelit dinner. The terrace offers a wonderful view of the landscape – if you can detach your eyes from your charming escort lady. We reserve a table for you with a spectacular view.

The culinary focus is on beef and game. The best pieces of beef come straight from the grill as a juicy steak. The execution – pure perfection! If you want to spend an active date in nature with your companion, we recommend a light business lunch. Then you walk hand in hand along the shore. Romantic moments are not excluded!

Lunch and dinner with a fantastic view Game dishes and steaks, very large selection of wines – 5-course menu from 75 euros

Tablo: Turkish cuisine at the highest level

The tablo is not a typical gourmet restaurant. However, it is an absolute insider tip from our Escort Essen agency. Because the Turkish-Mediterranean house offers you the perfect mélange of exotic and regional products. A special focus is on the lush fish menu. Here and your escort companion you will find the best fish dishes fresh from the market every day.

In the evening, the tablo turns into a trendy bar. The location between the main train station and Aalto music theater is perfect as a starting point for your trip to Essen’s nightlife. Our chauffeur is ready to take you to the Essence – or directly to the hotel if you feel like a sensual dessert.

Turkish restaurant with numerous fish dishes stylish location at Essen Central Station | Main courses from 28 euros, menu from 90 euros

We serve the dessert: your exclusive date with Secret Affairs

Where can we serve the second course? We can recommend fantastic hotels in Essen and accompany you during your tour through the nightlife in the Ruhr area. Our VIP escort service in Essen extends beyond the city limits: We organize impressive experiences for you in the entire Ruhr area. One of our beauties is always by your side to sweeten your evening.

With Secret Affairs you sweeten your business trip in Essen, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Münster. Do you want to experience more than a nice evening? Longer bookings or erotic holiday are also possible with our escorts. We do the planning, you enjoy!